“The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize.”
                                                                                                                           Vladimir Lenin

That is a simple definition by one of history’s most successful terrorist. We have been warned about the debilitating effect of fright. Even so we are drawn to it like moths to flames. Whether in the form of a scary movie, a horrid car crash or the relentless pounding news sources. Really pseudo news sources, for the standard of fresh news and analysis produced at a relentless pace is inconsistent with the reporting of verified deliberative information.

The reporting of terror events is probably a good starting point. In the near blanket coverage of a terror event, is the intent to terrorize exploded countlessly beyond what a terror incident without this coverage could ever hope for? In reality the dangers of; having an underwater mortgage, burning though life savings due to a catastrophic illness, being unable to keep up with a student loan will hurt countless numbers of people. In America there is a much higher chance of being shot by a police officer than hurt by a terrorist.

Having recently seen the movie ‘The Big Short’ what we know about financial gets a finer point. Unregulated investment packages disguised high risks whose collapse plunged the nation into financial ruin. The tax payers were forced to bail out the banks. The banks in turn took what value was left in the housing market. One person involved in this systemic fraud went to jail, one!

Can we discipline ourselves to address social justice issues and economic corruption? Might we set up systems to report once without the drama incidents violence regardless of the “motivation.” We have been duped to looking at that which has very little affect. Though the publicizing by public safety officials and the various media portray an inflated image that fixes our attention.

Chris Menton
Professor of Criminal Justice at Roger Williams University

The Federal Security and Exchange Commission, the agency that functions as a sort of finance police is toothless. Yet the SEC collects in fines, penalties and other sanctions twice its operating costs. Operating costs that have been cut. Their previews of authorities restricted. Moneyed interests have found that rather than finding clever sophisticated ways to go around finance laws it is easier to eliminate the laws with the mantra fight big government. To that end judicial post remain unfilled and appointment of high ranking agency officials such as the Director of the ATF cannot get voted on by the US Senate.

But I wax on. So I will say this reflect and vote. You are part of the government and the government is yours.



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